Family Time


Communication | Cooperation | Confidence

Suitable for parents of school going children (aged 6 - 12 years).

During this stage in a child's life parents often express a need to get their child to:

Cooperate more with tasks around the home,

Complete their homework,

Manage their emerging relationships with peers and family, and

Regulate their emotional reactions. 

All the while children also start to test their limits and may display more challenging behaviours which parents find difficult to make sense of or control.

Skills Coaching is aimed at assisting parents with these new challenges by enhancing their parent management skills.

The Parenting Sessions

Sessions can be attended by one or both parents. The sessions progresses from the most fundamental principles and becomes more multifaceted as new components and strategies are introduced. Video clips are also used during the sessions to further demonstrate how other families have drawn on the techniques within their family life. Parents are encouraged to implement the newly gained strategies at home and return to discuss the outcomes and challenges in a supportive environment.

What you can expect as outcomes:

  • Enhance the relationship that you share with your child

  • Reduce behavioural problems in your child without using harsh punishment

  • Learn to clearly communicate your expectations to your child

  • Learn how to appropriately reward your child for cooperating and taking responsibility

  • Increase your child's social and emotional competences

  • Increase your child's confidence and ability to relate to  others

  • Create a united strategy as parents

Overall, the Parenting Skills for School Aged Children aims to translate into a more enjoyable family life.

The sessions are medical aid claimable on most schemes based on your plan and available funds.