School Supply


School Readiness Assessment

Assesses a range of physical, social, emotional, language and cognitive skills to assess how prepared a child is to succeed in school cognitively, socially and emotionally.

Scholastic/Educational Assessment

A child struggling with his/her schoolwork may require an assessment to determine the underlying cause of poor performance – such as a specific learning difficulty. Specific difficulties I assess for include but are not limited to: ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, developmental and learning delays, reading /writing/spelling/mathematics difficulties.

Developmental Assessment

To assess whether a child has developmental delays using the Griffith Mental Development Scale.

Six important areas are measured:

  • Foundations of Learning (Practical Reasoning)

  • Language & Communication

  • Eye & Hand Coordination 

  • Personal-Social-Emotional Skills

  • Gross Development &

  • Overall development.

The results helps you to understand strengths & areas in need of attention, and decide where to focus your efforts in future schooling, assessments or medical treatment.

Career Guidance & Subject Choice

This is to assess Cognitive Ability (IQ), Aptitude & Skills, Personality Style & Personal Values, which all gets pieced together in considering future subject choice or career paths.