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"Out of your vulnerabilities
will come your strength” - S. Freud

Counselling | Play Therapy

Ultimately, the aim of the therapy is to develop a capacity to be self-reflective and more insightful about thoughts, feelings and actions.

Therapy can take the form of talk therapy, an Integral Coaching process, or as a guided creative process for children.

Educational Assessments

An assessment may be helpful to determine the underlying cause of poor performance, such as a specific learning difficulty. Issues that can be unveiled include a visual or auditory processing issue, ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, or general reading, writing, spelling, and mathematical difficulties.

Subject Choice | Career Profiling

By combining multiple sources of information, such as Cognitive Ability (IQ), Aptitude & Skills, Personality Style & Personal Values, a holistic consideration can be made in considering future subject choice or career paths.

About Marilise

I’m a Counselling Psychologist who consult with individuals and families. My aim is to help people as they take on the task of bridging different life challenges and adjustments, which often can leave us feeling uncertain and challenged.


I gained a Masters in Counselling Psychology at Midrand Graduate Institute (MGI), a private university owned by Pearson Institute of Higher Education (UK), and have practiced for numerous years in private and public settings in South Africa. 


In 2019 I became a BWRT registered practitioner to help patients with anxiety and phobias using this easy neuroscience based technique. I also completed my training as an Integral Coach at UCT Business School, to assist patients who want to focus on work related concerns.


​Further training over the years includes Parent-Infant Psychotherapy, Circle of Security Parenting, Narrative Therapy (The Dulwich Centre, Australia), Psychodynamic Play Therapy, Griffiths Developmental Assessment and Positive Parenting Coaching. 

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Support | Confidentiality | Collaboration

Life can bring about many challenges, which can be hard to deal with alone. By seeing a psychologist, you can express your concerns freely in a confidential setting and make sense of your thoughts. I work together with you to find the best way forward. 


I have extensive experience in assisting with:

Feeling lonely, stuck, isolated or inadequate

Feeling anxious

Feeling down & in despair

Facing loss & grief

Helping individuals seeking personal growth, for example - improving coping skills, increasing self-understanding, self-insight and self-acceptance.

Family matters, such as play therapy, help with behaviour, or children facing anxiety.


Therapy can assist with:

Achieving more satisfaction in your daily life,

Gaining new understanding about yourself,

Developing new skill and changing behavioural patterns. 

Through this collaborative process, clients can attain a sense of ease and wellbeing in their relationship with themselves and others.

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My Philosophy

My aim is to create a safe space and healing context for clients to explore their feelings & thoughts. Therapy is a time set out exclusively for you to talk about what is important in your life right now.

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Inquire now about Online sessions (RSA) or In-person therapy & assessments (MAU). 

Opening Hours

Consultations are pre-booked during weeksdays.

Contact Details

Tel: +230 59345674

Int: +27 0843437296 (WhatsApp only)

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